PARISH Restaurant
240 North Highland Ave NE,
Atlanta, GA 30307

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A portion of the proceeds from this event will support Atlanta Community Food Bank.

The Edible Agriculture Tour is headed for Inman Park. Join us for EAT GA at PARISH Restaurant for an intimate and exclusive dinner.

PARISH Restaurant

240 North Highland Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30307

Unique people, delicious food, good-for-the-earth goods all come together in this melting pot of vibrant culture within Inman Park – PARISH. Named one of the "Top 11 Restaurants for 2011" by The Atlantan, Parish has received non-stop acclaim since its opening. Parish boasts the title of "Atlanta's Top Restaurants" from The Sunday Paper, has been featured on CNN.com and proudly holds a 3 star review from The Atlanta Journal Constitution. Located in the beautifully restored 1890s Atlanta Pipe and Foundry Company terminal building in the heart of Inman Park, PARISH is defined by PARISH Restaurant and PARISH Market. The eatery's theme and purpose draws on the comforting influences that make regional cuisine and culture one of a kind.


Chef Zeb Stevenson – PARISH

Yield: approx 1 qt

1 large onion (cut into wide julienne strips)

3 red bell peppers (cut into wide julienne strips)

4 cloves garlic

3 Tbs olive oIl

1 Tbs. dry oregano

1 Tbs. paprika


1 cup wine vinegar

1/4 cup basil (chiffonade)

4 T Whole Unsalted Butter

Bacon – cut into lardons and cooked

Salt & Pepper


Saute peppers in olive oil until soften. Add garlic and onions. C ontinue to sauté until peppers are blistered. Reduce heat to low and add dry oregano, salt and paprika. Cover and sweat 5 minutes. Add vinegar and reduce until nearly dry. Remove from heat and stir in basil while still hot. Season to taste..

Event Chefs

Executive Chef Zeb Stevenson

An Indiana native, Zeb Stevenson cooks with a balance of cerebral curiosity and blue-collar work ethic. Focused on innovation with a solid grounding in the classics, Stevenson straddles the line between good taste and a playful push on boundaries. Zeb started his career not in a classroom but rather in the dish room of a diner. It was there that he fell in love with the sense of adventure and camaraderie that comes in the professional kitchen.

After moving to Atlanta, Zeb earned a position as Sous Chef at the acclaimed Roswell restaurant Dick & Harry's. Under the watchful eye of his mentor Harold Marmulstein, he learned the finer points of butchery, sauce work, charcuterie, and the beauty of classic techniques. Then he served as Executive Sous Chef at Spice Market. In 2009, he opened Livingston as Chef de Cuisine and quickly took the reigns as Executive Chef. At Livingston, Zeb quickly emerged as a mentor and creative "tour de force." His preoccupation with learning elemental cooking developed into a kitchen culture that rewards free thinking and exchange of ideas.

In 2012, Chef Stevenson played a key role in the development and opening of Proof and Provision (the Georgian Terrace's subterranean cocktail bar), and competed and won on Food Network's "Chopped." Zeb is known for his sense of whimsy and spontaneity that he brings to every project and restaurant.

Today, Chef Stevenson is making his stamp on PARISH. The chef-lead program is bringing the spirit and life of PARISH back into Inman Park with a more neighborhood feel.

He is a hobby coffee roaster, a visual artist, and an endurance cyclist. In addition to that, he can be found playing bass in his all-chefband or spending a quiet night at home with his Pit Bull puppy Oliver.

Burge Organic Farm

Mansfield, GA

Burge Organic Farm cultivates certified USDA Organic Produce on 16 beautiful acres in Mansfield, Georgia. The farm is situated in the heart of a 1000 acre plantation that has been in the same family since 1809.

You can taste their produce by visiting one of the two farmers markets they frequent, or by purchasing a share in the farm's CSA Program.

BesMaid Garden Essentials

A Farm Story by Gardener Bobby Britt.

I have lived in Decatur all of my life. My dad sold vegetables from the family garden off the back of his pickup truck for years. As kids we always helped dad. By 16, I started taking gardening more seriously. I was pretty excited about the new rototiller. Ever since then I grew the size of that family garden until it got to be 1/4 acre, then 1/2 acre, then 1 acre….and in 2011 it's almost 3 acres.

In 2005, BesMaid Garden Essentials became my full-time career. The name came from an ice cream business where my father worked for almost 20 years.

All the fertilizers used on the farm are Organic Materials Research Institute (OMRI) approved. I follow standard organic practices. I use certified organic fish emulsion and seaweed for fertilizer. I maintain safe, sustainable farming practices. In addition to the compost I make on the property, I also supplement with animal manure from local farms.

I regularly use cover crops for "green manure" such as rye as a winter cover crop and Hairy Vetch, buckwheat, soy beans, and Sudan grass as summer cover crops. Local restaurants have buying my fresh seasonal produce for the last 5 years. I love my farm and my customers love the produce. I'm still building my field of dreams!

Heritage Farm

Heritage Farm is a diversified, pasture based, multi species, all natural farm in Georgia.

Owned and operated by the Hutchins family, our mission is to produce high quality, great tasting, nutritious, clean, and safe-to-eat foods as an alternative to the modern food system. We do our best to educate about the importance of local farms, teach homesteading and farm skills, and assist others who are seeking healthier options.

Heritage Farm is Certified Naturally Grown with several acres in cultivation of organically grown crops, a small herb garden, pastures and hardwoods where we graze and rotate our livestock, and a growing orchard of fruit trees and berries.

We produce pastured and grass fed meats, free range pastured eggs, fruits, vegetables, and herbs. We do this without the use of harmful chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, antibiotics, or hormones.

We hope you'll give us an opportunity to be your farmer! Our products are available for purchase at the farm, at several farmers markets, through our CSA membership, and our new online farm store with mobile farm truck.